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Regnat populus (The people rule)

State Motto of Arkansas

Arkansas State Information

Arkansas is the 25th State in the Union

Arkansas, located in the southeastern region of the United States, is characterized by its diverse geography, encompassing lush forests, fertile plains, and the picturesque Ozark and Ouachita Mountains. Known as "The Natural State," Arkansas boasts abundant natural beauty, including the scenic Buffalo National River, which is the country's first designated national river. The state's capital is Little Rock, a vibrant city with a rich history. Arkansas has a unique cultural blend shaped by Native American, European, and African American influences, evident in its music, cuisine, and traditions. The state is renowned for its Southern hospitality, and its residents take pride in their friendly demeanor. With a strong agricultural heritage and a growing economy, Arkansas offers a blend of rural charm and urban opportunities, making it a distinctive and welcoming place to live and visit.

What's in a name?

Derived from the French pronunciation of the Native American Quapaw tribe's name, 'Akansa.'

State Nickname of Arkansas

Arkansas Geography

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Area: 53,179 sq mi (137,734 kmĀ²), 29th
Highest Point: Magazine Mountain; 2,753 ft (256 m), 34th
Lowest Point: Ouachita River; 55 ft (5 m)
Bordering States: Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas
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Arkansas boasts diverse geographical features. The state is characterized by rolling hills, dense forests, and fertile plains in the southern and eastern regions. The Mississippi River forms Arkansas's eastern border, offering vital transportation and trade routes. In contrast, the northwestern part of the state is home to the rugged and scenic Ozark Mountains, including the Boston Mountains, while the Ouachita Mountains extend into the southwestern corner. These mountains offer opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking and camping. Arkansas is renowned for its Hot Springs National Park, containing naturally occurring hot springs, and the Buffalo National River, the country's first designated national river, known for its pristine waters and scenic beauty. Additionally, the state features numerous lakes and rivers, making it a prime destination for fishing, boating, and other water-based activities.

Arkansas Economy

The economy of Arkansas is diverse and characterized by a mix of industries. Agriculture plays a significant role, with the state being a major producer of poultry, rice, soybeans, and cotton. Additionally, the timber industry is prominent due to the state's extensive forests. Manufacturing, particularly in the food processing, machinery, and aerospace sectors, contributes significantly to the economy. Walmart, one of the world's largest retailers, has its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, and has a substantial impact on the state's economy. The tourism industry also thrives, with attractions such as Hot Springs National Park and the Ozark Mountains drawing visitors. While Arkansas has made strides in economic diversification, it faces challenges related to income inequality and poverty, which policymakers continue to address.


Top 3 crops / livestock for Arkansas

  • Rice
  • Soybeans
  • Poultry


Top 3 industries for Arkansas

  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Manufacturing

Arkansas State Symbols

State Flag

State Flag of Arkansas

State Seal

State Seal of Arkansas

State Quarter

State Quarter of Arkansas

State Bird

State Bird of ArkansasMockingbird

State Flower

State Flower of ArkansasApple Blossom

State Tree

State Tree of ArkansasLoblolly Pine

State Mammal

State Mammal of ArkansasWhite-Tailed Deer

State Fish

State Fish of ArkansasAlligator Gar

State Insect

State Insect of ArkansasHoney Bee
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