State Populations

As of 2019, the US had approximately 331 millon people. The list below is all the state population for every state in alphabetical order. Order the 50 States by name or population. California is the most populous state in the union, while Wyoming has the least amount of people. To learn fun and intersting facts for each state, click on the state flag or name.

Rank State Population
1st California State Flag California 39,512,223
2nd Texas State Flag Texas 28,995,881
3rd Florida State Flag Florida 21,477,737
4th New York State Flag New York 19,453,561
5th Pennsylvania State Flag Pennsylvania 12,801,989
6th Illinois State Flag Illinois 12,671,821
7th Ohio State Flag Ohio 11,689,100
8th Georgia State Flag Georgia 10,617,423
9th North Carolina State Flag North Carolina 10,488,084
10th Michigan State Flag Michigan 9,986,857
11th New Jersey State Flag New Jersey 8,882,190
12th Virginia State Flag Virginia 8,535,519
13th Washington State Flag Washington 7,614,893
14th Arizona State Flag Arizona 7,278,717
16th Massachusetts State Flag Massachusetts 6,892,503
15th Tennessee State Flag Tennessee 6,829,174
17th Indiana State Flag Indiana 6,732,219
18th Missouri State Flag Missouri 6,137,428
19th Maryland State Flag Maryland 6,045,680
20th Wisconsin State Flag Wisconsin 5,822,434
21st Colorado State Flag Colorado 5,758,736
22nd Minnesota State Flag Minnesota 5,639,632
23rd South Carolina State Flag South Carolina 5,148,714
24th Alabama State Flag Alabama 4,903,185
25th Louisiana State Flag Louisiana 4,648,794
26th Kentucky State Flag Kentucky 4,467,673
27th Oregon State Flag Oregon 4,217,737
28th Oklahoma State Flag Oklahoma 3,956,971
29th Connecticut State Flag Connecticut 3,565,278
30th Utah State Flag Utah 3,205,958
32nd Iowa State Flag Iowa 3,155,070
31st Nevada State Flag Nevada 3,080,156
33rd Arkansas State Flag Arkansas 3,017,804
35th Mississippi State Flag Mississippi 2,976,149
34th Kansas State Flag Kansas 2,913,314
36th New Mexico State Flag New Mexico 2,096,829
38th Nebraska State Flag Nebraska 1,934,408
39th West Virginia State Flag West Virginia 1,792,147
37th Idaho State Flag Idaho 1,787,065
40th Hawaii State Flag Hawaii 1,415,872
41st New Hampshire State Flag New Hampshire 1,359,711
42nd Maine State Flag Maine 1,344,212
43rd Montana State Flag Montana 1,068,778
44th Rhode Island State Flag Rhode Island 1,059,361
45th Delaware State Flag Delaware 973,764
46th South Dakota State Flag South Dakota 884,659
47th North Dakota State Flag North Dakota 762,062
48th Alaska State Flag Alaska 731,545
49th Vermont State Flag Vermont 623,989
50th Wyoming State Flag Wyoming 578,759

* State populations above are from 2019 data.

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