The 50 States Area Sizes

This is a complete list of the 50 US states ordered by total area. Alaska is the largest state in the union (the next three largest states, California, Texas and Montana can fit inside of it!), while Texas is the largest state in the Lower 48 States (contiguous United States). Rhode Island is the smallest state in the union.

How big is Alaska?

Did you know that Alaska is so big, that Rhode Island can fit into it an amazing 425 times!

Rank State Area
1st Alaska State Flag Alaska 665,384 sq mi 1,723,345 km²
2nd Texas State Flag Texas 268,596 sq mi 695,664 km²
3rd California State Flag California 163,695 sq mi 423,970 km²
4th Montana State Flag Montana 147,040 sq mi 380,834 km²
5th New Mexico State Flag New Mexico 121,590 sq mi 314,918 km²
6th Arizona State Flag Arizona 113,990 sq mi 295,234 km²
7th Nevada State Flag Nevada 110,572 sq mi 286,381 km²
8th Colorado State Flag Colorado 104,094 sq mi 269,603 km²
9th Oregon State Flag Oregon 98,379 sq mi 254,802 km²
10th Wyoming State Flag Wyoming 97,813 sq mi 253,336 km²
11th Michigan State Flag Michigan 96,714 sq mi 250,489 km²
12th Minnesota State Flag Minnesota 86,936 sq mi 225,164 km²
13th Utah State Flag Utah 84,897 sq mi 219,883 km²
14th Idaho State Flag Idaho 83,569 sq mi 216,444 km²
15th Kansas State Flag Kansas 82,278 sq mi 213,100 km²
16th Nebraska State Flag Nebraska 77,348 sq mi 200,331 km²
17th South Dakota State Flag South Dakota 77,116 sq mi 199,730 km²
18th Washington State Flag Washington 71,298 sq mi 184,662 km²
19th North Dakota State Flag North Dakota 70,698 sq mi 183,108 km²
20th Oklahoma State Flag Oklahoma 69,899 sq mi 181,038 km²
21st Missouri State Flag Missouri 69,707 sq mi 180,541 km²
22nd Florida State Flag Florida 65,758 sq mi 170,313 km²
23rd Wisconsin State Flag Wisconsin 65,496 sq mi 169,635 km²
24th Georgia State Flag Georgia 59,425 sq mi 153,911 km²
25th Illinois State Flag Illinois 57,914 sq mi 149,997 km²
26th Iowa State Flag Iowa 56,273 sq mi 145,747 km²
27th New York State Flag New York 54,555 sq mi 141,297 km²
28th North Carolina State Flag North Carolina 53,819 sq mi 139,391 km²
29th Arkansas State Flag Arkansas 53,179 sq mi 137,734 km²
30th Alabama State Flag Alabama 52,420 sq mi 135,768 km²
31st Louisiana State Flag Louisiana 52,378 sq mi 135,659 km²
32nd Mississippi State Flag Mississippi 48,432 sq mi 125,439 km²
33rd Pennsylvania State Flag Pennsylvania 46,054 sq mi 119,280 km²
34th Ohio State Flag Ohio 44,826 sq mi 116,099 km²
35th Virginia State Flag Virginia 42,775 sq mi 110,787 km²
36th Tennessee State Flag Tennessee 42,144 sq mi 109,153 km²
37th Kentucky State Flag Kentucky 40,408 sq mi 104,657 km²
38th Indiana State Flag Indiana 36,420 sq mi 94,328 km²
39th Maine State Flag Maine 35,380 sq mi 91,634 km²
40th South Carolina State Flag South Carolina 32,020 sq mi 82,932 km²
41st West Virginia State Flag West Virginia 24,230 sq mi 62,756 km²
42nd Maryland State Flag Maryland 12,406 sq mi 32,132 km²
43rd Hawaii State Flag Hawaii 10,932 sq mi 28,314 km²
44th Massachusetts State Flag Massachusetts 10,554 sq mi 27,335 km²
45th Vermont State Flag Vermont 9,616 sq mi 24,905 km²
46th New Hampshire State Flag New Hampshire 9,349 sq mi 24,214 km²
47th New Jersey State Flag New Jersey 8,723 sq mi 22,593 km²
48th Connecticut State Flag Connecticut 5,543 sq mi 14,356 km²
49th Delaware State Flag Delaware 2,489 sq mi 6,447 km²
50th Rhode Island State Flag Rhode Island 1,545 sq mi 4,002 km²

* sq mi = Square Miles, km² = Kilometers Squared

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