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Liberty and Independence

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Delaware State Information

Delaware is the 1st State in the Union

Delaware, often referred to as "The First State" due to its status as the first to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787, is a small but historically significant state located in the northeastern United States. Nestled between Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, Delaware is known for its rich colonial heritage and its role in shaping the nation's foundations. The state's capital, Dover, is home to various historical sites, including the Old State House and the John Dickinson Plantation. Additionally, Delaware's largest city, Wilmington, serves as a hub for finance and industry. With its favorable business environment and coastal attractions, Delaware continues to draw both tourists and businesses to its shores, making it a state of historical importance and modern economic significance.

What's in a name?

Named after Lord De La Warr, an early English colonial leader.

State Nickname of Delaware

Delaware Geography

Map of the State of Delaware

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Area: 2,489 sq mi (6,447 kmĀ²), 49th
Highest Point: Ebright Azimuth; 449 ft (42 m), 49th
Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean; Sea Level, 0 ft (0 m)
Bordering States: Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
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Delaware is the second smallest state by land area but boasts a diverse geography. Its eastern border is defined by the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, offering a relatively short but picturesque coastline. Inland, the state features a mixture of rolling hills, fertile farmland, and dense forests, particularly in the northern and central regions. The southern part of Delaware is characterized by low-lying coastal plains and marshlands, contributing to its status as a key area for wetlands and wildlife conservation. The state's small size allows for easy access to its various geographical features, making it a convenient destination for both outdoor enthusiasts and beachgoers.

Delaware Economy

The economy of the state of Delaware is characterized by its diverse sectors, with a strong emphasis on finance, business services, and technology. Delaware's business-friendly regulatory environment, including its advantageous corporate laws, has made it a popular destination for corporations' legal headquarters. Major sectors include finance and insurance, where banking and credit card companies play a significant role, and Wilmington serves as a prominent financial center. Additionally, the state is home to various chemical and pharmaceutical companies, with the chemicals sector being a key contributor to the economy. Agriculture, particularly poultry farming, also plays a role in Delaware's economic landscape. Overall, the state's strategic location, coupled with its pro-business policies, has contributed to a stable and diversified economy.


Top 3 crops / livestock for Delaware

  • Poultry
  • Soybeans
  • Corn


Top 3 industries for Delaware

  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare

Delaware State Symbols

State Flag

State Flag of Delaware

State Seal

State Seal of Delaware

State Quarter

State Quarter of Delaware

State Bird

State Bird of DelawareBlue Hen Chicken

State Flower

State Flower of DelawarePeach Blossom

State Tree

State Tree of DelawareAmerican Holly

State Mammal

State Mammal of DelawareGray Fox

State Fish

State Fish of DelawareWeakfish

State Insect

State Insect of DelawareLadybug
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