Arizona State Flag

Date adopted: Feb 27, 1917

The flag of Arizona is a distinctive emblem characterized by its unique design and historical symbolism. It consists of 13 rays in red and weld-yellow on the top half, representing the Spanish explorers who ventured into this region and inspired by the flag of Spain. The central copper-colored star signifies Arizona's status as the leading copper producer in the United States. The flag's proportions are two units high by three units wide, with 13 equal segments in the sun rays, alternating between red and gold. A blue section, the same shade as the U.S. flag, occupies the center, and the copper star is one unit high, with the recommended flag size being 4 by 6 feet. The flag's history traces back to the early 20th century when it was created by Charles Wilfred Harris, a Colonel in the Arizona National Guard, initially for a rifle team competition. The flag was officially adopted on February 27, 1917, and its unique design elements reflect Arizona's history, resources, and heritage.

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