Maine State Flag

Date adopted: Feb 23, 1909

The flag of Maine features the state's coat of arms on a blue field, with the central shield depicting a moose resting under a tall pine tree. Symbolizing the state's reliance on agriculture and the sea, a farmer and seaman flank the shield. At the top of the shield, the North Star represents Maine's motto, "Dirigo" or "I Lead." While the official description includes a circular ring and other details, the commonly used design omits these elements, leading to variations in coloration among flags. The blue field matches that of the United States flag. Although the law establishing the flag in 1909 specified certain dimensions and embellishments like a yellow silk fringe and a blue and white silk cord, these are rarely observed. Maine's flag is one of 26 U.S. state flags featuring a blue field with the state's arms or seal.

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