Minnesota State Flag

Date adopted: Aug 2, 1983

The flag of Minnesota, adopted in 1893 and modified in 1957 and 1983, features a design with a blue field and a modified state seal in the center. The seal consists of three concentric circular fields, with the innermost one containing a simplified state seal. Surrounding the seal are blue and white rings adorned with stars and pink-and-white lady's-slipper wreaths, with the state's founding years, 1819 and 1893, and the year of statehood, 1858, set in gold. The flag's design and usage are regulated by state statutes, with gold fringe often added, though rarely used. In recent times, concerns have arisen about the flag's readability and its depiction of Minnesota's settlement history, leading to the establishment of a commission in 2023 to redesign both the flag and the state seal.

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