Nevada State Flag

Date adopted: Jul 25, 1991

The flag of the U.S. state of Nevada features a cobalt blue field with the state's emblem in the upper left corner. The emblem consists of a silver star, representing the Silver State nickname, above the state's name. A golden-yellow scroll above the star bears the words "Battle Born," referencing Nevada's statehood during the American Civil War. Below the star and state name, two sprays of green sagebrush, the state flower, are depicted with yellow flowers. The flag's design originated from a 1926 design contest, with the winning design by Louis Shellback III. There was some legislative disagreement over the placement of the word "Nevada" on the flag, leading to a compromise in 1929. However, a 1991 law corrected the placement, positioning "Nevada" below the star and above the sagebrush sprays, as seen in the current design.

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