Oregon State Flag

Date adopted: Apr 15, 1925

The flag of Oregon is distinctive for being two-sided, featuring different designs on each side. The front side displays the escutcheon from the state seal, while the reverse side showcases a gold figure of a beaver, the state animal. Oregon is the only U.S. state with such a flag design. The state seal's design, as outlined in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) chapter 186, consists of an outer ring with the text "State of Oregon" and "1859," and an inner circle with an American eagle atop a shield portraying various elements, including mountains, an elk, a covered wagon, and the Pacific Ocean. This symbolism represents the state's history, wildlife, and transition from British to American rule. The flag was officially adopted on February 26, 1925, and its first known production was in the same year, sewn by employees of Meier & Frank department store. In 2010, the original flag was restored after being donated to Eastern Oregon University in 1954.

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