South Carolina State Flag

Date adopted: Jan 26, 1861

The flag of South Carolina is a historically significant emblem featuring a blue field with a white palmetto tree and a white crescent. Its origins trace back to 1775 during the American Revolutionary War when Colonel William Moultrie designed it for South Carolina troops, incorporating the blue color of their uniforms and a crescent from their cap insignia. This flag symbolized resilience during the Battle of Sullivan's Island in 1776 when Sergeant William Jasper heroically raised it again after it was shot down by British forces. In 1861, the palmetto tree was added to commemorate Moultrie's successful defense, and the flag's design was simplified to its current form—white palmetto on a blue field. It gained notoriety during the Civil War when it was raised over Fort Sumter, signifying South Carolina's secession from the Union. Various flag variations emerged during this period, including the "Palmetto Guard Flag" and the "Sovereignty Flag."

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