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Esto perpetua (Let it be perpetual)

State Motto of Idaho

Idaho State Information

Idaho is the 43rd State in the Union

Idaho, located in the northwestern United States, is a state known for its diverse natural beauty and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. Often referred to as the "Gem State," Idaho is renowned for its stunning mountain ranges, including the Rocky Mountains and the Sawtooth Range, as well as pristine lakes, such as Lake Coeur d'Alene and the majestic Shoshone Falls. The state's vast wilderness areas provide a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities such as hiking, skiing, white-water rafting, and world-class fishing. Idaho's economy is anchored in agriculture, mining, and technology sectors, with a particular emphasis on potato farming, silver mining, and cutting-edge research and development. Boise, the capital city, serves as a cultural and economic hub, while the state's strong sense of community and rugged frontier spirit continue to define its identity.

What's in a name?

The origin of the name is disputed, but it's thought to be a Native American word meaning 'gem of the mountains.'

State Nickname of Idaho

Idaho Geography

Map of the State of Idaho

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Area: 83,569 sq mi (216,444 kmĀ²), 14th
Highest Point: Borah Peak; 12,668 ft (1,177 m), 11th
Lowest Point: Confluence of Snake River and Clearwater River; 710 ft (66 m)
Bordering States: Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
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Idaho boasts a diverse and captivating geography. Characterized by its rugged mountain landscapes, the state is home to the spectacular Rocky Mountains, including the famous Sawtooth Range. Idaho's natural beauty extends to its numerous pristine lakes and rivers, with the expansive Snake River carving its way through deep canyons like Hells Canyon. The state is celebrated for its vast forests, which cover a significant portion of its land, providing ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. In stark contrast to the mountainous terrain, Idaho also encompasses fertile valleys known for their agricultural productivity, particularly in the southern regions where crops like potatoes thrive. With its stunning vistas, outdoor recreational opportunities, and a blend of diverse landscapes, Idaho's geography is a true testament to the natural wonders of the American West.

Idaho Economy

The economy of Idaho is characterized by a diverse mix of industries, with agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and tourism playing significant roles. Agriculture is a cornerstone of the state's economy, with Idaho being a leading producer of potatoes, wheat, sugar beets, and dairy products. The manufacturing sector encompasses food processing, electronics, and wood products. The technology industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years, particularly in Boise, attracting tech companies and startups. Tourism also contributes significantly, with outdoor recreational activities, national parks, and scenic landscapes drawing visitors. Overall, Idaho's economy benefits from its agricultural richness, burgeoning tech sector, and natural beauty, fostering a diverse and robust economic landscape.


Top 3 crops / livestock for Idaho

  • Potatoes
  • Wheat
  • Barley


Top 3 industries for Idaho

  • Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing

Idaho State Symbols

State Flag

State Flag of Idaho

State Seal

State Seal of Idaho

State Quarter

State Quarter of Idaho

State Bird

State Bird of IdahoMountain Bluebird

State Flower

State Flower of IdahoSyringa or Mock Orange

State Tree

State Tree of IdahoWestern White Pine

State Mammal

State Mammal of IdahoAppaloosa Horse

State Fish

State Fish of IdahoCutthroat Trout

State Insect

State Insect of IdahoMonarch Butterfly
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