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United we stand, divided we fall

State Motto of Kentucky

Kentucky State Information

Kentucky is the 15th State in the Union

Kentucky, located in the southeastern region of the United States, is renowned for its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage. Often referred to as the "Bluegrass State," it is famed for its rolling hills and fertile pastures covered in lush bluegrass, which serves as the foundation for its thriving horse racing industry, including the world-famous Kentucky Derby. Kentucky has a deep connection to American frontier history, being the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and known for its pivotal role in the Civil War. The state boasts a diverse landscape, with the Appalachian Mountains to the east and the Ohio River defining its northern border. Beyond its equestrian traditions, Kentucky is celebrated for its bourbon whiskey production, with numerous distilleries crafting some of the finest spirits in the world. Additionally, the state offers a vibrant cultural scene, rich in music, arts, and culinary delights, making it a captivating destination for visitors and a unique place to call home.

What's in a name?

Likely derived from the Iroquoian word 'Ken-tah-ten,' meaning 'land of tomorrow.'

State Nickname of Kentucky

Kentucky Geography

Map of the State of Kentucky

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Area: 40,408 sq mi (104,657 kmĀ²), 37th
Highest Point: Black Mountain; 4,139 ft (385 m), 27th
Lowest Point: Mississippi River; 257 ft (24 m)
Bordering States: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia
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Kentucky boasts diverse geography that spans from rolling hills and plateaus in the east to fertile plains in the central and western parts of the state. The state is renowned for its picturesque bluegrass region, characterized by lush, green pastures and iconic horse farms. To the east, the Appalachian Plateau showcases rugged terrain and the state's highest point, Black Mountain. Kentucky is also traversed by the Ohio River to the north and is known for its extensive cave systems, with Mammoth Cave National Park being the world's longest cave system. This variety in topography contributes to the state's rich agricultural heritage, including tobacco and bourbon production, as well as its thriving horse racing industry, making it a distinctive and culturally significant part of America's heartland.

Kentucky Economy

The economy of Kentucky is diverse and encompasses various sectors, with a particular focus on manufacturing, agriculture, and services. Manufacturing plays a pivotal role, with industries such as automobile production, aerospace, and food processing contributing significantly to the state's GDP. Agriculture is another vital component, with Kentucky known for its tobacco, soybeans, and equine industry, particularly horse breeding and racing. The services sector, including healthcare, education, and tourism, also plays a substantial role in Kentucky's economy. The state has been working on diversifying its economy further by attracting investments in technology and renewable energy sectors, which are expected to drive future growth and employment opportunities. However, Kentucky also faces economic challenges, including income disparities and a need for workforce development to meet the demands of evolving industries.


Top 3 crops / livestock for Kentucky

  • Sugarcane
  • Soybeans
  • Rice


Top 3 industries for Kentucky

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture

Kentucky State Symbols

State Flag

State Flag of Kentucky

State Seal

State Seal of Kentucky

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State Quarter of Kentucky

State Bird

State Bird of KentuckyCardinal

State Flower

State Flower of KentuckyGoldenrod

State Tree

State Tree of KentuckyTulip Tree

State Mammal

State Mammal of KentuckyGray Squirrel

State Insect

State Insect of KentuckyViceroy Butterfly
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